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I'm your typical crazy woman with a vivid imagination. Oh... and I'm also a mother. The daughter of a retired Military Service Member, I try to incorporate the sights, smells and adventures of my travels, but mainly I write of the buff, gorgeous men I drooled after in my teen years! There is just somethin’ about a man in uniform…WOW!

Growing up in the military, I, along with my family moved from state to state, enjoying the never-ending game of “where are we moving to next?” …which happened every two to three years! 

My ‘spawns’ as I lovingly call them, demand and expect a lot of my attention. When I'm not catering to the whims of my family, I spend my quiet time reading or writing. My first book I ever wrote was a cowboy romance, 'The Cattle Drive'. After that, I was off to the races. 

Though my real life sometimes interferes with my imaginative life, I try to balance each with wit, sarcasm and humor… “Screwing up takes practice…I think I’m well-rehearsed!”

I currently live in the United States with my three spawns, two cats and one crazy ass dog!


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