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The Valentinetti Crime Family

God help anyone who harms the family...


My name is Giovanni Valentinetti. I am the head of the Valentinetti Family. I rule my family, my city, and all that I see with an iron fist.
My word is law, and no one tells me what to do.

War is coming, and I will do anything to protect my family. Wanting an alliance with the Golden Skulls, I don’t pass up the opportunity when one arises. My family is everything to me, and when two of my family members ask for help, I do so gladly.
However, I wasn’t expecting the woman they brought with them.

She is beautiful and damaged. She desperately needs my help, and I feel compelled to help her. Only she isn’t what I expected. Danger surrounds her at every turn. Helping her also opened my world to a new set of possibilities I never thought existed.

Lies will be exposed. Friends will become foes. The truth of who she truly is shakes me to my core. Choices will need to be made, but my decision is already made. She is mine.
And God help anyone who harms what is mine.


My name is Lorenzo Valentinetti.
I am the middle child of the family.
I spend my nights living it up in the clubs. My face is slashed across every tabloid. I take nothing seriously and smile doing it.
When my best friend is found murdered in my apartment, I do what I always do. I call my family for help. Only this time, I don’t think my family’s influence will be enough to save me especially when she walks into my life.
She is everything I never wanted. She is smart. She is beautiful. She has secrets of her own.
I want nothing to do with her, even when I realize she is exactly what I need.
When her past collides with the family’s, I am left with no choice to do the one thing I thought I would never do.
I claim her as mine.
Mine to protect.
To protect her and keep my family safe, I find help from someone unknown. Someone with their own agenda, that includes me. When life comes to a screeching halt, I must reevaluate what it means to be a real member of the family. Because in the Valentinetti family actions speak louder than words.
…and God help anyone who harms what’s mine.


My name is Antonio Valentinetti.
I am the youngest brother of the Valentinetti family.
As the family’s attorney I live my life by a code.
Protect the innocent, punish the guilty and never go against the family.
When the truth of what my family is really facing comes out, my brother Giovanni orders the entire family to the Guardian’s private island.
Only that’s one order I refuse to obey.
Staying in Chicago for something more precious to me than my own family, I defy my big brother.
With no other option, I come clean and brace myself for the fallout.
When my personal life collides with the dangers of my family life, I do the unthinkable.
Refusing to back down, I give my brother Giovanni an ultimatum.
He either agrees to my demands or I walk away forever.
As the evidence piles up, dangers lurk around every corner close to home and when I come face to face with the very evil my family been trying to bring down, I must rely on everything I was taught to stay alive.
I’m in the fight of my life.
Alone, I will face the horror of my family.
I am a Valentinetti.
Valentinetti’s don’t run.
We fight.

4. Illyria.jpg

I wasn’t looking for love when I fell into Maxim Fedorov’s lap five years ago.
I never wanted to be in the position my mother lived…behind a man of power.
As the only daughter of Valentine and Nicoletta Valentinetti, I saw well and good what happened to women in our world. While my father loved and cherished my mother, my father regulated my mother to behind-the-scenes roles. She was nothing more than an afterthought.
I would be no one’s after thought.
I knew what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to let any man stop me from achieving my goals. I should have known that fate had other plans.

For four years, Maxim Fedorov was everything I ever wanted and more. I adored him, wanted to be everything he desired until I saw a side of him, I could never forgive. For the last year, I’ve made it my mission to destroy him. I wanted him to feel the pain he caused me.
I should have known that actions had consequences.
Big ones. Because when my actions start a cascade of events, I can’t stop. I’m left with no choice but to take matters into my own hands. For years, I’ve tried everything to keep everyone out of my personal life, which wasn’t easy considering I lived most of my life in the spotlight, in front of tabloids and paparazzi.
As secrets went, I kept my secrets hidden longer than I thought possible.

When the truth of my relationship with Maxim Fedorov becomes public knowledge, the family I once trusted excommunicates me, leaving me with no other choice.
That was their first mistake.
The second was believing that I would lie down and do nothing.

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